Business Travellers

businessThis group of travellers for the main part fall into the same category as the previous group in so far as they are never far from medical assistance when it is required. The main difference being that the majority will be travelling to cities rather than holiday resorts. A small group however, will occasionally travel to more remote areas in the course of their business. In this instance, a small medical kit for treating minor ailments will be of great value and convenience. The information supplied in this site will also prove valuable to these travellers.

Tiredness and jet lag may affect your business efficiency. Rest before and after travel is important. Persons with occupations which involve frequent travelling should consider vaccinating in anticipation of overseas assignments in order that the vaccinations achieve optimum protection, e.g. a first yellow fever vaccination certificate is not valid for 10 days.

Contaminated food and water is a major cause of illness in business travellers although less so if eating and drinking is confined to first class hotels. Avoiding unsafe food and water can sometimes be difficult, when being entertained by enthusiastic hosts, unless a strategy is planned in advance!

It may be wise to always carry an anti-diarrhoeal preparation to make sure that you are able to attend important business meetings or to help you make long journeys without having to make frequent and inconvenient use of the toilet.

Unfamiliar surroundings, especially when combined with excessive alcohol consumption can lead to uncharacteristic behaviour including sexual risk taking. "Unsafe" sex, particularly with commercial sex workers, may pose serious infections risks including HIV.