Holiday Travellers

These people will travel to a holiday destination for a typical resort holiday. Many travel to European resorts in Mediterranean countries like Spain, Italy or Greece in search of the sun or to France and Switzerland on skiing holidays.

HolidayOthers may travel a bit further to Florida in the USA or a Caribbean resort and some of the more adventurous will even travel to more exotic locations such as Kenya in East Africa or Thailand in South East Asia. Some will even venture as far as Australia for their holidays.

Because these travellers are going to a holiday resort with a hotel with all the comforts of home, they will usually have easy access to medical facilities should they be required, and therefore, they should be able to obtain any medicines they require from a local pharmacy or medical facility.

These travellers usually remain within easy reach of a doctor or a hospital whilst they are away which is a much better option than self medication for serious illnesses. They may also include children, the elderly, pregnant women and the disabled who should all seek medical assistance if they become ill.

However, a small medical kit for treating minor ailments should they arise will be of great value and convenience. The information supplied in this site will also prove valuable to these travellers and the interactive page can also provide a list of the medicines they should take with them.

Vaccinations take time. A doctor or nurse should be consulted as soon as possible, ideally at least four weeks before travelling. Late bookings can leave insufficient time for vaccinations to become fully effective.

Stomach upsets and diarrhoea are very common. Contaminated food and water is a major cause of illness and care is especially important when eating out and in countries where local hygiene is poor. More spices or oil in food as well as alcohol can also lead to stomach upsets.

Sunburn is preventable, so always use an appropriate sunscreen when going outside into the sun. See the sunburn page for more details.

As your travel consultant we need to know:

  • Who you are? Age, gender, etc.
  • Where are you going?
  • What are you going to do?
  • Where are you going?
  • Why are you going?
  • How are you going?
  • Underlying medical problems & current medications?